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New MedMaster Titles in Genetics and Hematology


The burgeoning field of Genetics is a complex and formidable topic for the student and practitioner. It is easy to get lost in the forest for the trees since genetics lends itself anywhere from a basic foundation of DNA and its parts, to a more complicated and nuanced understanding of how these parts work together, what happens when things go wrong, how to diagnose and treat genetic disorders, and the latest advances and areas of hope in genetic research.

Clinical Genetics Made Ridiculously Simple presents a way to rapidly visualize the field as a whole, including basic genetics, chromosomal abnormalities, epigenetic disorders, cancer, screening tests, gene sequencing, CRISPR, COVID-19 immunization in relation to genes, homeobox genes, and changing approaches to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of genetic conditions.

The author builds from the basics of genetics and DNA, an understanding of how our genetic material functions, what it means to have a genetic defect, what we presently know about these defects and newer therapies for these problems. Each topic is carefully taught, one step at a time, so that the student is never lost, all in 112 pages! $24.95.


Clinical Hematology Made Ridiculously Simple is a brief, clear, practical overview of the range of hematologic disorders, with their diagnoses and treatments, all in 85 pages. The topics include the Complete Blood Count (CBC), disorders of red blood cells (the anemias, iron overload, polycythemia), platelets and blood clotting, white blood cells and the immune system, the leukemias and other hematologic malilgnancies, and blood transfusion. $24.95.